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About Us

Located in the heart of Zurich, Ontario, five one nine prints & frames is proud to be based and doing business in rural Southwestern Ontario. Our brand name "five one nine prints & frames" was chosen as a way for us to connect with the surrounding communities that make up the 519-area code. With our talented staff, high-quality product offerings, and pricing, we will exceed your expectations of any other oversaturated online print shop or big box store. If you can think of it, we can frame it! We look forward to sharing our business with you.

Nick Haberer // Owner

My name is Nick Haberer, and I am the owner of five one nine prints & frames. I was born and raised in Zurich, and I continue to live here, raising my four sons with my wife, Mary. My professional background in the Funeral Service business led me to take an interest in applications of printing and framing back in 2015. While my initial interest followed funeral directive services' personalization and progression, the concept continued to grow, as did our facilities and production capabilities. After many business endeavours and opportunities arose five one nine prints & frames became what it is today.

 ​ Should you need to reach me for any reason please contact me directly at 519-280-1255.

Winona Bailey // Retail Operations & Creative Lead

My name is Winona Bailey, and I am the Creative Lead & Designer for five one nine prints & frames. I currently live in Zurich with my partner Jason, two dogs Mage and Hades and Bugsly, my Flemish giant rabbit. I am an avid photographer and artist. I find art and photography as a way to explore the world and find the stories in the places in-between and on the path less travelled. In 2017, I joined Haberers, Inc., as a graphic designer. Five one nine prints & frames gave me a way to take my passion for art, photography and storytelling to help others create and share theirs. I am responsible for the retail operations, creative marketing, advertising and graphic design for the business.

Lisa Steffler // Production

My name is Lisa Steffler, and I am the Production Lead for five one nine prints & frames. I was born and raised in Huron County and currently live in Zurich. I obtained my diploma in Graphic Design from Conestoga College, which led me to a position at a small book publishing house in the Niagara Region, learning and growing in my knowledge of book production and applying my Graphic Design skills to a variety of projects. Feeling a bit homesick for Huron County, I left the Niagara Region for a position closer to home that allowed me to rain in on my skills, not limited to computer programming (CNC) and producing various marketing material to support the sales team. In 2019, I joined the five one nine team to assist with producing their many products and give Nick a few extra minutes to spend with his family.


Katharine Applegath // Retail & Production Assist

My name is Katharine Applegath and I step in wherever I can assist. I mainly layout memorial photo books for funeral homes, but I'm always learning from Winona and Lisa to step in wherever needed. I'm from Ingersoll, went to school in London (UWO), and currently reside in Zurich with a house full of animals (including my husband!). I excitedly joined five one nine prints & frames in 2020. Fittingly, art and photography are loves of mine, as well as sewing and being adventurous in the kitchen (and rescuing animals, hence the house-full!).


 Rebranding of the five one nine prints & frames Logo (November 2020)

At five one nine prints & frames, we have been experiencing rapid growth.
Now more than ever, we see the importance of tying ourselves to the place where
it all started – on Main Street in Zurich. Our bright green door has grown to be the
catalyst for our rebranding today. The village of Zurich is a place that harvests a
strong feeling of community – a place in our chaotic world where one can feel
comfortable going up to a stranger on the street to ask for directions or advice on
the best restaurant around. Behind the green door at five one nine prints & frames,
we strive to foster the same feeling of comfort and familiarity that our
incredible little heritage village of Zurich does. To us, this means listening to our
customer’s needs and going the extra mile to bring them to life. At five one nine
prints & frames, we try our absolute best to actualize our customer’s printing and
framing dreams – many times jumping in our vehicles and delivering orders
ourselves (in a social distancing manner, of course). We forever want to be tied to
Zurich and the feeling of family that radiates through our little heritage village we
are so proud to be a part of. So, for printing and framing you’ll adore come and
find the green door!